Thursday, November 30, 2006

The Very First Annual WMR Tetrick Fun Run - Post Party - Group Shots

Full race event coverage to be updated

Fernandos angels -- Melissa and Rosa

Hungry Julio

South Gate WMRS

Amarillo Running Club

San Fernando WMRS

Hansen Dam WMRS

A big thank you goes out to all of the WMR volunteers and to all who donated food, water, drinks etc. .

Gilbert Varela * Race Director
Maggie Fernandez * Award search and posting * Finishing time captain
Roberto Kadafi Perez * Starter * Course worker
Rosa Arevalo * Award announcer * Place card director *Official timer

Rocky Aguilar * Pull tag worker
Bob Mancilla * Course worker
Julio Jaramillo * Post race entertainment (you had to be there)
Chris Quesada
* Photographer

Without your help this event would not have been possible .

Tetrick Fun Run - Award Ceremony

Top - Males *** Top - Females
1st Robert Leonardo -50.32 ***1st Janet Lam - 1.03.52
2nd Hector Lopez- 51.08 *** 2nd Donna Pittman - 1.08.17
3rd Carlos Larios - 52.47 *** 3rd Maria Loera - 1.17.17
4th Hilario Martinez - 53.08 *** 4th Ada Mestayer 1.23.17
5th Furgencio Motebello - 53.19 *** 5th Alejandra Trujillo 1.23.41
6th Ariel Rodriguez - 53.50 *** 6th Betty Khan - 1.24.19
7th Hector Soria - 54.32 *** 7th Sonia Ramos- 1.29.43
8th Carlos Galdames - 54.35
9th Jose Fernandez - 55.11
10th Jose Lopez - 55.48
3rd Place Carlos & 1st Place Roberto

All top finishers strike a pose with Freddie Perez, Founder of

the Wild Mountain Running Club Maria Loera 3rd Overall Female Finisher

Donna 2nd Place Overall Female Finisher

Ada 4th Place Overall Female

Alex 5th Place Overall Female

Roberto 1st Place Overall

Hector 2nd Place Overall

Carlos 3rd Place Overall

Tetrick Fun Run - Mile 3

Maria Loera

Mario Molina

Freddie Perez

Donna looking fresh @ mile 3


Hansen Dam Runner

Toby and Kenyano Jr. running and chatting

South Gate Gato

Salvador running effortless downhill

Fernando (again)


Angel Kenyano

Antonio Arevalo



Carlos (Hansen Dam Gato)


Hector Lopez still leading @ mile 3

Tetrick Fun Run- On Your Mark, Get Set, Go!

From L - R
Aguilar, Maria, Mario & Maggie

Roberto & Carlos

Rosa and Alex

From L - R

Abel, Alex, Maribell, Nancy, JV, Yvonne, Flaco, Kenyano

Donna and Janet

Fernando (again)