Monday, November 14, 2011


October 28, 1950 – October 8, 2011

By: Gilbert Varela

Claudia Morales, one of the Wild Mountain Runners most accomplished female runner, passed away October 8, 2011. Claudia was 27 years old when she started running. According to her ex-husband Humberto Morales, a member of the Gatos for over 25 years, Claudia quickly developed into a first rate runner. “She wanted to exercise so I took her running with me and within three months, she was running ahead of me”, said Humberto. Humberto brought Claudia to Griffith Park where they join the Wild Mountain Runners. “Claudia liked to compete against men” said Humberto. Before long she was beating some of the better male runners. She was known affectionately as La Huera. During the race the men runners would yell to each other “Hay biene La Huera!”. . .”Here comes La Huera!” Then she would wiz by bearing an impish smile of satisfaction.

At the 1986 Mexico City marathon, Claudia placed third overall amo

ng females with a time of 2:53. She eventually hit a 2:47 time at the Los Angeles Marathon. In the early 90s Claudia missed breaking one hour by less than a minute at the “Run Across LA” 10 mile run. At the Heart of “The Run Across LA” 5K run, she timed at 18:20. Claudia pretty much stopped running competitively when she returned to school. She received a degree in Administration of Justice from Pasadena City College. She worked in the correctional field for many years.

Claudia was as much a great runner as a wonderful mother and g

randmother. Claudia loved competitive running, but she loved her family much more. She is survived by her ex-husband of many years, Humberto Morales, her son Aquiles, daughter Jacqueline, and three grandchildren. We will miss you Claudia. Rest in Peace.

A memorial was held at 9 am Griffith Park across from the ponies parking area.




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