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Jose Guadalupe Ramirez, a faithful member of the South Gate Wild Mountain Runners, once belonged to a championship running team.   In the early 1990s, he was a member of the Huntington Park High School cross country team.  Under the skillful tutelage of Coach Guajardo, his team won the Los Angeles City cross country championship and went on to compete in the State CIF Championships.   Then Jose stopped running.  17 years passed before he would run again.  By then Jose topped 209 pounds on the bathroom scale.   “I then began running just to lose weight”, Jose said.  Then running  became more than just running to lose weight, he increased the running distance.  He set new goals:  To run a marathon.  Then running a marathon was not enough.  Now Jose challenge himself to break 3 hours.

As long a time period that it took Jose to get back to running, he made it up by getting back to running form in record time.  He started just over a year and a half ago and already he has three 5ks, two half marathons and five marathons in his pocket.   Oh yes, he set one other goal:  To run the Boston Marathon - a marathoner’s dream.   He will run Boston this year, qualifying for this classic run with a 3:02:55 at the 2012 Orange County Marathon. 
Last Sunday, Jose ran the Napa Valley Marathon.  Jose broke his personal record – the 3 hour time barrier – completing the 26.2 mile course in 2:56:47.  WMR was there to help a fellow Gato as Rene and Ramon help Jose maintain a pace at each marathon half. But when it all came down to it, it was all up to Jose to do what he had to do.  Jose said that he prepared for four months, reaching 85 miles per week and giving himself very little rest.  The week before Napa, Jose ran 11 miles at a 6:35 pace!

Jose credits the team for his accomplishments, mentioning among others, the “3 Js”: Julio, Jaime and Jesse as mentors and training partners.  He also thanked his wonderful girlfriend Beida.  Beida runs and acts as an energetic cheerleader for him and the team.  Last, Jose described Napa Valley Marathon as relatively flat and very scenic.  For those who like wine, they had wine tasting at the expo and gave out a lot of goodies.  Congratulations to you and South Gate Gatos and Gatas.   


"Jose credits the team for his accomplishments, mentioning among others, the “3 Js”: Julio, Jaime and Jesse as mentors and training partners"



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Saludé al señor José al principio de la carrera. Era mi primer maratón y aunque no hice el tiempo que quería estoy feliz por él que sí lo logró.

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